It’s Been a While

• May 27th, 2009

Yeah, I have been neglecting this site for some time now. Some of it was from moving. Others were from trying to find a job in a new place. But mostly it is because all of my free creative time has been toward writing. You can read some of it. I post it on a blogsite.

It would actually be an honor if you did read it. I will get back into doing these movies again shortly, but i might change my direction to audio podcasts instead of just vidcasting. Hopefully you do not mind. When I get a better work station set up, there will be more videos. So, don't delete me just yet. Read my stuff. It will be similar.

The Builders is still coming. All of the footage is complete. Since it is a longer project there is sound effect audio to work with as well as choosing the right podsafe music. Maybe if I had more comments, the incentive to finish it would be greater.


Seasons Greetings

• December 23rd, 2008

Just in time for the shortest day of the year, the winter solstice. Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings, and all that stress filled shopping mall mumbo jumbo. Yes, that is a Toys R Us bag as my set design. The photography was taken at my parent's cabin in Colorado and most of the editing was done in Houston, Texas. The notion of this pyramid movie is to fade the comparisons between the holidays of the winter solstice: Christmas, Hannukah, Yule, Duali, Kwanza, and most importantly - Oshnaqua. Send the link to all your friends.

____________Show notes: _____________

tyson moore -

ICEHOUSE game pieces
by andrew looney / looney labs

the song "Silent Night"
performed by Sonic Deviant

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The Builders - trailer

• November 22nd, 2008

This is not the full version of "The Builders," since I am still working on that. However, the time lapse has filled me with the need to post a trailer to let you subscribers know there is another coming. I am not sure if the song, "Kicking Over Sandcastles" by My Velcroe will be in the finished product, but it is a cool song and I wanted to use it somewhere.

____________Show notes: _____________

My Velcro

"Kicking over Sandcastles"
Prophets of the Broken Velcroe

Carcassonne game pieces
published by Rio Grande Games
created by Klaus-Jürgen Wrede

tyson moore

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Pyramid Test

• November 3rd, 2008

This is my first stopmotion test with this wonderful pyramid game, ICEHOUSE, designed by Andrew Looney of Looney Labs. He also made FLUXX, one of his more mainstream games. I even saw it at one of those mall kiosks they were setting up for ChristmasTime. (Is October insanely early for doing that to anyone else?) The song "Martian Pyramids" from the album APACOLYPSE THEN was composed by Messian Dread. I found his work on the Podsafe Music Network. Don't worry, I will post links to all of these below.

I urge you to check out all of these places and show your support. You can show me support by mentioning this film to them and subscribing to this feed. If you can donate, that would be really cool also. It would get me a better than basic membership so the feed would not be so slow.

____________Show notes: _____________

tyson moore

Messian Dread

Looney Labs / Andrew Looney

Podsafe Music Network

Thank you again for watching and reading this. Remember: subscribe, support, donate. Every person counts and it is always more fun if you know people are watching.

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