It’s Been a While

Yeah, I have been neglecting this site for some time now. Some of it was from moving. Others were from trying to find a job in a new place. But mostly it is because all of my free creative time has been toward writing. You can read some of it. I post it on a blogsite.


It would actually be an honor if you did read it. I will get back into doing these movies again shortly, but i might change my direction to audio podcasts instead of just vidcasting. Hopefully you do not mind. When I get a better work station set up, there will be more videos. So, don't delete me just yet. Read my stuff. It will be similar.

The Builders is still coming. All of the footage is complete. Since it is a longer project there is sound effect audio to work with as well as choosing the right podsafe music. Maybe if I had more comments, the incentive to finish it would be greater.


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